Open the source to inspire the future

Ideas To Inspire Your Audience

People don’t by what you do, they buy why you do it. Successful companies do not compete with other businesses but with their own limitations, trying to constantly break internal paradigms.

We help your business build experiences and products that shape the future. Understand the secrets to build deep trust with your closest partners and customers and create lasting wealth for a better world.


Our services

Event production
We create impactful events to launch your product, showcase your idea and gather your community. Bespoke concepts and detailed execution with an efficient use of your budget.

Media production
Whether you want an image film, youtube- or social media content, advertisement, your own podcast or radioshow, we are in touch with top talent in the media industry in Malta, Berlin, Singapore and beyond to make your dream come true and deliver media production on the highest level.

Design and Branding
Your idea, product or new business line needs a strategic positioning and outstanding design identity? We consult you with strategic brand positioning and guide you through the steps from analysis and research to brand architecture and brand identity.

Online marketing, SEA
Your clients need to find you. To make your service and domain visible we are always up to date with the latest changes of search engine algorithms and most efficient tactics to thrive online.



Stories that matter. We are connected with leading PR networks to push your announcement out and reach hundreds of media clippings including top sites and niche communities.

Web development
Website, landing page, platform or server application. With our experienced inhouse team and network of external professionals we are ready to bring you best results based on solid engineering and design.

IT security
Everyday companies go out of business because they get hacked and lose crucial information and trust. In the digital era nothing is more important than security. We help you implement the best practices and most secure systems available.

Organizational development
We help you build the most productive team and assist you in building a company ready for the future. May it be a fresh vision and mission, stuck team structures, social bottlenecks and missing spirit. Align internal and external recognition with you cause and your goals.

Interested? Drop us a line: contact@ivaja.io